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PhD studentship available – limb disorders

Our laboratory focuses on studies of tissue specification, organogenesis and patterning. One of our current research interests are molecular basis of human skeletal hereditary malformations. To unravel these mechanisms, we use two experimental strategies. One is based on the developing vertebrate limb in chick or mouse model organism. The second one focuses on identification of pathways involved in skeletogenesis using zebrafish.


A PhD student position is currently available in our group located at the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department of the Medical Faculty, Medical University Lublin ( ) to study regulation of genes responsible for limb development and malformations. Specifically, in this project we will identify hereditary mutations responsible for human skeletal defects (including but not limited to clubfoot), isolate the responsible genes and carry out functional studies.


To accomplish our goal, we will use technologies such as targeted chromatin capture followed by next generation sequencing and enhancer hunt using developing chick and zebrafish based experimental models. We will also carry out, when appropriate, gene manipulation in zebrafish to understand better the physiological consequences of identified mutations.


The project is partially financed by the National Science Center, Poland. Successful candidate will be involved in genetic and functional studies aiming at the unraveling of the genotype/phenotype correlation.


We expect from the candidates

  • Master degree in life sciences, preferentially in biological sciences obtained prior to 31st July 2020
  • Good practical and theoretical knowledge of molecular biology and genetics, tissue culture skills
  • Interest in mechanisms of human diseases and molecular embryology
  • Fluency (written and spoken) in English
  • Willingness to travel abroad to do some of the experimental work in another lab


We offer

  • Scholarship according to the scale of the National Science Centre for PhD students - PLN 5000 per month /gross-gross for 4 years
  • Dynamic working environment at the Medical University in Lublin in newly refurbished laboratory spaces
  • The vibrant city of Lublin (city in East Poland) with its many cultural and sport activities
  • and


Application procedure (The application procedure is FULLY electronic)

The candidate is expected to provide the following documents (ALL OF THEM IN ENGLISH):

  • A motivation letter (not more than one page)

  • CV

  • List of subjects and exam grades from the TWO LAST years of studies

  • A digital copy of Master Thesis

  • Names, email addresses and telephone numbers of TWO referees (including the Master Thesis advisor)


All the information, as ONE PDF file (the maximum file size not exceeding 15Mb), should be emailed to Agnieszka Styczyńska


The deadline for submission of applications is 22 January and the final decision will be taken by 31 January or earlier.


Selected candidates will be invited for an interview. The interview will be conducted in English.

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