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PhD-STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP (3 years) at the Department of Pharmacognosy with Medicinal Plant Unit, Medical University of Lublin

We seek a highly motivated and enthusiastic PhD student candidate at the Department of Pharmacognosy with Medicinal Plant Unit, Medical University of Lublin (UMLUB).


The full-time position as a PhD- student is available for a period of three (3) years. The position is part of the project ”The isolation of phenolic components of Zingiber officinale extracts and the assessment of their anticonvulsant activity in in vivo models”, financed by the NCN (National Science Centre). Principal Investigator (PI) is Dr. Wirginia Kukula-Koch, associate professor.


The planned period of implementation of tasks for the Scholarship Holder in the project is 36 months.


Eligibility criteria:

  • MSc-degree in biochemistry, molecular biology, biotechnology or biology.
  • PhD student status at the start and during participation in the project / readiness to undertake training at the Doctoral School of the Medical University of Lublin;
  • Knowledge of basic issues in the field of molecular biology techniques, eg. mRNA isolation, qRT-PCR, Western blot, immunohistochemistry;
  • Knowledge of the principles of good laboratory practice and the ability to use basic analytical/laboratory equipment;
  • Readiness to improve qualifications and learn new methods and laboratory techniques (including the performance and analysis of EEG in zebrafish, isolation of brain structures, preparation of samples for HPLC analysis);
  • Ability to work in a team;
  • The need to defend a doctoral dissertation up to 1 year after the end of the project.

Additional advantages will be:

  • Experience in research using laboratory animals;
  • Permission for people who plan experiments, perform procedures, and kill animals;
  • Knowledge of issues of statistical analysis and work with statistical programs, eg. GraphPad Prism, Statistica;
  • Good command of the English language, allowing easy communication in speech and writing;
  • High motivation to work in science, supported by research activity to date (eg. participation in conferences, internships, training, membership in research clubs);
  • Readiness to travel on business, including international travel, participation in conferences, trainings and research internships.


Description of tasks:

  • Screening of anticonvulsant/antiepileptic substances using different animal models of convulsions/epilepsy in mice and zebrafish - designing and conducting experiments, collection and analysis of data;
  • Molecular studies of selected substances - conducting experiments, collection and analysis of data;
  • Presentation of results at the team's scientific meetings;
  • Preparation of manuscripts for publication;
  • Active participation in domestic and foreign scientific conferences and research internships;
  • Systematic and organized work in the research team in close cooperation with the Project Manager and other employees engaged in the implementation of the project;
  • Working in the project requires performing experiments in various units of the Medical University and at the Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin;
  • In the case of a person (s) who have not received permission for persons planning experiments, performing procedures and killing animals, the need to undergo such training as soon as possible;
  • Knowledge of Polish is not required;
  • The project implementation involves working with laboratory animals and chemicals. 

We offer:

  • Work in a dynamically developing, interdisciplinary, inspiring and friendly research team;
  • Possibility of scientific development;
  • Scholarship in the amount of PLN 5,000 gross per month, planned to be paid over a period of 36 months.


Required documents:

  • a brief motivation letter outlining why you are interested in the position, your previous research projects and work experience (CV) and your career goals.
  • A description of your MSc thesis;
  • copies of diplomas, the complete list of your degrees and all relevant certificates;
  • complete list of conference abstracts and/or publications;
  • two referees (name and contact information);
  • Opinion of the promoter/tutor about the applicant;
  • Information clause.


How to apply:

Please attach your application in English or Polish as one pdf file (max 15 Mb) and send it to: and


The deadline for sending the application: 31.05.2022

Planned date of resolving the competition: 20.06.2022


Planned start date of the scholarship: 01.10.2022


Additional information:

  • The best candidates will be invited for about 30 minutes job interview.
  • A situation in which the scholarship will be awarded to a person from the second position on the ranking list is allowed, provided that the winner of the competition, before signing the scholarship agreement, resigns from receiving it.
  • The competition may not be settled due to lack of candidates meeting the requirements.
  • The scholarship is granted according to regulations for awarding NCN scholarships for NCN-Funded research projects (Annex to Resolution No 25/2019 of the NCN Council).
  • The NCN research scholarship may be combined with other scholarships and salaries financed from NCN funds awarded under more than one research project, with the reservation that the total amount of scholarships and salaries collected may not exceed 5000 PLN per month.